As someone who invests money for a living. Also, as someone who sits on multiple boards. I have a strong background and skill set that qualifies me to be your town councilwoman. The current town board took a position that I and many others consider wasteful spending. They raised their wages by 18% in one year. Wages in the FOR-PROFIT Sector have stagnated in relation to inflation. That means that people today have production levels greater than in the 1960’s yet they get paid less per dollar in relation to the 1960’s.

This is why a man with a stay at home wife and 2 children would work 40 hours a week and supply for his family without government assistance. Today, two family members working full time will produce 80 hours of work in 16 hours compared to their 1960’s counterpart, but will be paid much less for their work. It will take them 160 hours of work to be able to make the same that the man from the 1960’s did in 40. This is the secret behind how the rich got richer.

They literally devalued your human capital. We as a society allowed them to manipulate us. How do we fight back? It start local. We hold elected officials who represent us accountable. We ensure that they can not raise their wages by 18%. We ensure that their COLA increases are indexed to Social Security. When we incentivize elected officials to protects us and relate to us, they became incentivized to work for us, instead of themselves.

By voting for me, your are saying you want ethical leadership that will stand by you. You want someone to truly put themselves in your shoes and represent you. That person, is me.

Thank you.