We can do better. Working in the investment industry for the last 8 years has certainly opened my eyes to what it is like to be a senior citizen in America. My job is to ensure my clients can navigate financial obstacles that occur in retirement. To my surprise, through experience and time I learned how detrimental the lack of retirement planning is to someone’s family. The current systems in place are designed to take the wealth that you and your family have accumulated.

Perhaps you have been through the experiences some of my clients have had. A family member gets sick and ends up in the hospital, only to find out they need to enter a nursing home for long term rehabilitation. This is not only an experience, I have been through over a 100 times with clients but this is also something I am dealing with right now in my life with my grandmother. She got pneumonia about a month and half ago and became to weak to go home.

I educated my mom on the process to ensure she can go to a nursing home to get the care she needed and how to plan and prepare for it as I have a tremendous amount of experience with this situation. This was the first time that my feelings and connection to my career became so profound. It was as if this singularity occurred inside me that pushed me to get involved in politics.

The way Medicare works is that it is designed to cover basic medical expenses. The reality is 70% of us will needs long term care. The costs of long term care in the State of New York run approx. $ 100,000.00 a year. According to the Certified Financial Planning Board, men need long term care on average for 3.5 years while women need care for an average of 2.7 years. In the event that someone does not plan for this, it is extremely likely that $ 700,000.00 will go to health care costs for seniors.

That means the hard earned money you worked so hard for your entire life, that you hope to pass on to your heirs goes to the healthcare sector instead. Unless someone teaches you how to play the game effectively and helps you keep your wealth. That or you elect someone that understands this game that is rigged against you and your family. Trusting they will advocate for you and impose change to protect you and your loved ones. I can assure you that person is me.

While the office I am running for right now is my stepping stone to effect change. Everyone needs to start somewhere. I need you to help elevate me in to a political role where I can advocate for you on healthcare. Every other major country in the world protects their citizens through healthcare, except the U.S. We are the only major country in the WORLD that has a for-profit healthcare sector. They rely on your deepest vulnerabilities to steal money from you. There is hope. We can do better and we will. When we stand together and say we deserve more, as the wealthiest nation of earth there is no reason why our citizens are treated like 3rd world citizens.

I ask that you keep my vision for a better future in mind. We will all age and 70% of us will end up in this situation so lets work towards sensible solutions that protect us and our family’s wealth.

How do we protect senior citizens in Wappingers Falls? Knowing that our community’s seniors will embark on a tough unnecessary journey? We start by contacting their experience to that of elected officials. In 2016, the town board raised their wages by a whopping, yes whopping, 18%. When they were questioned about it, they stated is was a COLA increase. Cost of Living Increases have not been that high. According to the Congress Social Security COLA was not even 1% this year. Their wage increase accounts for 13 years of COLA.
Seniors will only be at the forefront of our community when we tie elected official COLA to Social Security. It now forces community leaders to keep you and your aging family members at the top of mind. This connection is the vital to problem solving for seniors as it means that elected officials are always in your position. Therefore they have to keep you at the top of mind! That is the kind of politics we should thrive for!