This has been the topic of conversation lately on social media due to seeing a group of Republican Male Politicians cheer and celebrate ripping away affordable healthcare for millions of families. Seeing that has to be one of the most painful videos I have ever seen. How could anyone celebrates someone’s sorrow? This affirmed my belief in how a for profit healthcare system promotes entropic uprising.

No mother should have to see her child suffer and no person should have to see their loved one’s die due to lack of resources. God created life. Life is majestic. We should be agents of life. We should put our efforts into creating solutions that save people. The harsh reality is this legislation put us backwards. While we know success and progress aren’t a straight line, we need to stand up together in Unity.

It is wrong to be the only developed nation in the world that has a for profit healthcare sector. It is wrong that due to their lack of performance in the markets that they lobbied our elected officials to strip families of dignity. A nation of compassion protects its most vulnerable. I believe one day we will have a socialized healthcare sector where all people are treated with dignity and we will have a politics of love and not profits.