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White Gate Condo Updates: Parking & Painting Policy


We want your car paint free.
We want you to avoid a $400.00 tow bill
Please keep in mind to park our cars away from the building during the duration of the painting.
For those that need special accommodations please let us know and we will work with the paint company to address it.

The next building getting painted it building 3, then 5, then 7 and 9.
Building 8 will be last for 2017 because they are getting their roof repaired first.

Please work together and be aware of the unusual parking arrangements during this time. Your compliance will help speed up the process and protect everyone from injury or property damage.

Thank you!

Janelle Marina Mendez App

We are excited to announce the release of Janelle’s new app.

Her app includes:
YourVoice Poll – You can now voice your opinion on local issues
Website Access – You can go to Janelle’s website for updates
Blog Access – You can now access ALL newsletters directly from the app!
Local News – You can access Poughkeepsie Journal News directly inside the app!

Check it out:Janelle Marina Mendez’s App

Thanks for the ongoing support!


5 Things I Learned About Becoming A Leader

1. You have to believe in yourself

I have failed at just about everything, I tried my first time. It was only writing down my mistakes and changing my actions that success entered my life. This held true when I was in the Military, when I went in to Finance and when I entered Politics. I’m only 27 so I’m sure I’ll have more failures to deal with. Know in your heart you’ll get it right and you will succeed. You deserve that.

2. Failure is Training

I don’t know why people think failure is bad. Sure it hurts, I’ve fallen so many times and cried but I have always grown and learned. Essentially, failure and pain help to develop something in you. I struggled with self worth for a while and my life changed when I confronted my pained and finally learned from my failure. My dreams started coming true so I know yours can too.

3. Vulnerability Creates a Secure Bond

It bonds your team together in the way Elmer’s Glue and paper bond. I am a Financial Advisor and opening up about my own struggles in my career and talking about my mistakes in life, fostered an environment where my team members came to me to learn and connect on a regular basis. Their motivation levels are higher than I’ve ever seen. It’s the hardest skill I’ve ever developed in myself but it is certainly the most rewarding. My only regret is that I learned this at 26 and not sooner.

4. Authenticity is Rare & Respected

I wish I learned this earlier as well. I started in Finance when I left the Marine Corps. I was young & insecure. A lot of my career was spent trying to be perfect. I hindered my own team relationships because of it. Learning from this not only changed my worldview but allowed me to feel safe to connect and to communicate more openly about what challenges are like in my job role. My team mates filled in my own skills gaps and were thankful for my honesty because now they knew how to contribute to my success and they felt valued in return.

5. Self Love Inspires Those You Lead

Crazy thought, right? Achieving self love is the hardest tasks, I have ever faced. Through experiencing my own darkness and acknowledging the light inside myself, I changed. I realized, I deserve to chase my dreams. If pain is going to happen either way, I’d rather tie it to purpose and painfully go after a dream than feel pain with no meaning. In communicating this with my team, they gave me the gift of loyalty and support. I am so grateful for that.

One day you wake up and realize you developed in to the leader you aspired to be. That’s a great milestone in life. Everyone around you will appreciate your efforts and want to help you develop. It really is a beautiful gift.


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