Happy Mother’s Day: Acts of Valor & an Announcement

This year, in this election, we are called to reaffirm our values, we hold them against a hard reality and see how we are measuring up, to the legacy of our grandmothers, mothers, and the promise of future generations for our daughters & sons. Today is Mother’s Day. The day we celebrate the very women who gave us life. We are thankful for the opportunity to experience all of life, the good and the bad. The sense of duality that teaches us to discover the light in ourselves.

We are honoring the light that gives this world so much joy, happiness and purpose. On days like today we think about women like Susan B. Anthony who went to jail for our right to vote or Elizabeth Cady Staton who led the Seneca Falls Convention. Maybe you think about Sojourner Truth & Harriet Tubman who risked their lives freeing people from slavery. I tend to think about Rosa Parks and her ability to stand up to poorly inherited traditions.

When I think about all of these women, I admire their courage. Their heart and their acts of valor in the face of danger to propel society forward for future generations. Through my gratitude for life and surrender to courage, I have committed to following in their footsteps for a journey, I believe will change America.

Today, I announce my run for the Town of Wappinger Councilwoman position for ward 2. It is with great humbleness that I ask for both our support and your vote. Lets inspire a generation of leaders to STAND UP and EMERGE from the darkness and let our lights SHINE! Please contribute, volunteer and vote for our campaign. Sign up now for our newsletter!

With Many Thanks! Happy Mother’s Day,

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